Stump grinding is performed by an experienced operator driving a remote controlled, self propelled machine to the grinding area. Once at the stump, the operator will engage a cutter wheel with carbide tipped teeth to “chew” through the stump in swinging motion, destroying portions of the stump with each pass. The process will be repeated until the stump has been ground to a predetermined depth, typically 4-6″ below grade unless otherwise specified. Sometimes buried utilities interfere with grinding efforts. In this case, the stump will be ground as deep as safely possible. Once the stump is completely ground the grinding area is raked smooth to leave a mound consisting of wood chips and dirt. Over time, this mound will decompose and yield a smooth grade. Occasionally, there is a need to remove the wood chips and dirt that are created as part of the grinding process. This service is available for an additional charge.

While we can’t guarantee your tree won’t fall, our team of Arborists are well-educated in tree healthcare and risk assessment and are able to identify deficiencies that could be hazardous. If you have a tree you’re concerned about, we’ll come out and inspect it. During this time we look for signs of decay, weakly attached branches, cracks and splits, poor structure, saturated soils and root problems. It is important to remember that there is an ideal site location and landscape for almost every tree, unfortunately trees don’t always grow up in that ideal location. We then can offer recommendations on either structural pruning or tree removal.

We pride ourselves on quality and efficiency. Our client’s happiness is our top priority and we strive to go above and beyond to communicate the entire process, whatever it may be. We do this so our clients know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. This way, they will be left with a result they’re happy with.

We use ground protection when necessary and all our equipment is low ground pressure, allowing machines to drive over grass and landscaped areas unharmed. If we ever think there may be an issue with existing landscape or problems in lower lying, wetter areas we will communicate this to you and offer our insight as to how to avoid any problems.

In almost all instances we will apply for your permit. Certain plantations prefer the homeowner to apply, but we will walk you through the process and answer any questions if you have them.

If a homeowner elects to remove a tree that is deemed healthy, structurally sound with low consequences of failure, usually an HOA or municipality will require the owner to plant a mitigation tree or make a donation to the tree fund. A mitigation tree is a healthy tree that will be planted after the initial tree is removed. Typically the owner and Plantation’s HOA will decide what size and species the mitigation tree will be. If the homeowner does not want to plant any more trees, they will have to donate to the plantation’s tree fund if available. This is a fee the plantation charges and then uses to plant trees in common areas.



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